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How to Get Testbook Pass?

testbook pass

In this article, we will tell you the step-by-step process to buy testbook pass & testbook select subscription for free.

How to Get Testbook Pass for FREE?

You need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Uninstall Testbook App (If you have already installed it)
  2. Now click on this link & download:- Testbook App Free
  3. After installation click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  4. While signing up use code ‘AXNA7J
  5. After signing up with email, click on the ‘Buy Pass’ option.
  6. You will see a button named ‘Apply Coupon’
  7. Click on it and enter this special code – AXNA7J
  8. Hurrah! You successfully got testbook pass.
  9. If this code isn’t working scroll down & click on the button ‘Generate New Pass’

Generate New Testbook Free Coupon Code:

Note that the above coupon code will work fine for the first 500 users only. But no worries you can generate a free code by clicking this button below.

More About Testbook:

What is Testbook Pass?

Testbook Pass is an app that helps you prepare for your upcoming exams. It has a variety of features, including studying mode, where you can study by playing games and watching videos. The app also offers a quiz mode, where you can take quizzes to test your knowledge of the subject matter.

Benefits of Testbook Pass

You can use Testbook Pass to:-

  • Take practice exams for any course
  • Check your progress on quizzes or exams
  • Get feedback on your writing and grammar skills
  • Testbook Pass is available for both iOS and Android devices

Pricing of Testbook Pass

The pricing is according to this table:

Plan ValidityNormal PriceUsing Code ‘AXNA7J
1 Month299₹FREE
1 Year399₹279₹
3 Year599₹419₹
testbook pricing
Testbook Pass Coupon CodeAXNA7J
Testbook Pass Offer95% Off
Offer Validation days7 days


What are the benefits of testbook pass?

Testbook pass is very beneficent for students. It contains 49,000+ mock tests & 14,000+ PYQs (Previous Year Questions) solved of 600+ different exams.
Some key features are:
1. Best Quality Questions & Solutions
2. In Depth Performance Analysis
3. Multi-lingual Mock Tests for you
4. Know Your All India Ranking

How to get testbook pass for free?

You can get 1 month of pass for free with the above method. However, you have to buy 1 year plan if you want to use it.

Is testbook pass worth it?

Yes, its totally worth it. Because it have 49,000+ mock test & 14,000+ Previous Year Papers of 600+ exams.

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